The Source for Used Hybrid Cars St. Louis

Are you someone who likes to pinch pennies on transportation costs? Maybe you own a car but prefer to carpool so you can split gas money. Or it might be an environmental concern, and you’d prefer to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions you produce. Whether you want to save money, be on the cutting edge, or save the environment, you can do it with used hybrid cars St. Louis. It sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? Just buy a hybrid car. But hybrid technology isn’t all equal. You want to buy used hybrid cars St. Louis that are proven and can be trusted for years to come.

Used Hybrid Cars St. Louis

Your number-one bet for used hybrid cars are Toyota models. For nearly two decades, Toyota has had hybrid vehicles on the roads in North America, and it’s been a resounding success. Toyota hybrid cars are among the most fuel efficient, least costly to own, and incredibly stylish. Choose from these used hybrid cars in St. Louis at Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County.

Toyota Camry Hybrid

The best-selling passenger car in the United States is available as a hybrid! The Toyota Camry sedan is the midsize car you can buy that is rated for 51mpg in the city and 53mpg on the highway. With more style and tech than the competition, the Toyota Camry Hybrid should be on your radar.

Toyota Avalon Hybrid

Want an even more luxurious experience without giving up the efficiency? The Toyota Avalon Hybrid is also an option. Guaranteed to satisfy the premium car buyer, the powerful full-size sedan is still capable of achieving 40mpg city and 39mpg highway.

Toyota Prius Hybrid Family

The Toyota Prius family offers choice. The best-selling Prius hybrid is rated at 54mpg city and 50mpg highway while the Toyota Prius c is rated at 48mpg city and 43mpg highway. There’s also a plug-in option available, the Toyota Prius Prime, rated at up to 133MPGe.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid

A midsize SUV with off-road capabilities and on-road sophistication is the Toyota Highlander Hybrid. It’s a great choice for a family that needs three rows of seating, or someone who loves adventure. Plus, rated at 30mpg city and 28mpg highway, the Highlander is extremely fuel efficient for its class.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Need a compact SUV with a focus on economy? The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid offers a great blend of function, style, and efficiency. Achieve up to 34mpg city and 30mpg highway with this SUV, all without giving up the performance you want.   If you’re searching for used hybrid cars St. Louis, stop in at Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County. You’ll find the Toyota range of hybrid vehicles, both new and used.